This is the AMAR (All Minorities at Risk) webpage. AMAR is an independent continuation of the Minorities at Risk (MAR) data that Ted Gurr began collecting in the 1980s about the political trajectories of minorities engaging the state worldwide.

On this page you can find links to publications outlining the structure and purpose of the AMAR data. There are also links to the data produced in the project and a link to the site of the original MAR (Minorities at Risk) data.

Please note that we are are working on a more user friendly interface for downloading and working with the data and we also are in the process of updating the data so please be patient and check back frequently.

The AMAR (All-Minorities at Risk) data

These are the 2 articles that outline the purpose and format of the data.

If you are looking to use the data. Please cite:

Jóhanna Birnir; David Laitin; Jonathan Wilkenfeld; David Waguespack; Agatha Hultquist; Ted Gurr. Introducing the AMAR (All Minorities at Risk Data. 2018. Journal of Conflict Resolution. 62(1):203-226.

The replication data files are available here.

If you are looking to use the group lists please cite:

Jóhanna Birnir, Jonathan Wilkenfeld, James Fearon, David Laitin, Ted Gurr, Stephen Saideman, Dawn Brancati, Amy Pate and Agatha Hultquist. Socially Relevant Ethnic Groups, Ethnic Structure and AMAR. 2015. Journal of Peace Research. 52:105-109.

The group lists is available here.

The AMAR codebook v1 is available here.

The original MAR (Minorities at Risk) data

This is the website where you can find the original MAR data and Codebooks along with some qualitative accounts of the minority groups.